Quicker prototypes in PowerPoint

27 Apr

I’ve just stumbled across a plugin for PowerPoint called PowerMockup that contains various pre-made design elements (such as browser windows, breadcrumbs) to make it easier to create wireframes in PowerPoint.

Screen shot of Powermockup

I had a quick play with it and it seems pretty good! If you like to do your prototyping in PowerPoint, this is definitely worth having a look at.

Personally, PowerPoint is rarely my first choice when it comes to prototyping tools, mainly because there are better, more effective, purpose-built applications out there. But Powerpoint has one big advantage to many of these tools. Other people can open/edit/play around with the wireframes without having a particular software installed. And wireframes should never be one person’s baby.

I will definitely have PowerMockup in mind next time I create wireframes in PowerPoint.


One Response to “Quicker prototypes in PowerPoint”

  1. Christian April 29, 2011 at 8:51 am #

    Cool, this is definitely something I’ll try out!

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