Presentationerna från UX Meet

20 Jun

[In Swedish]

Missade du Valtechs UX Meet härom veckan? Nu finns presentationerna  upplagda på Vimeo! Inklusive min och Josefin Nilssons dragning om Säkrare sex.

Säkrare sex på webben from Valtech Sweden on Vimeo.

PowerPoint-presentationerna från UX Meet hittar du på Valtech Labs.


User Experience Meet at Valtech

19 May

[In Swedish – it’s about a Swedish UX-event]

Jobbar du med User Experience och är intresserad av att träffa andra UX:are?

Varmt väkommen till Valtech (Hantverkargatan 5, Stockholm) den 8 juni 16.30 för User Experience Meet! Det kommer bli mat, mingel, dragningar och diskussioner. Bland annat kommer jag och Josefin Nilsson att prata om arbetet kring Säkrare Sex.

Mer information om dragningar, anmälan osv hittar du här.

Vi ses!!

Mobile UI patterns

8 May

I just had a look around for some good pattern resources for mobile UIs. My two favorite finds are:

  • Mari Sheibley, the lead designer at foursquare, has started a good collection of patterns

Mobile UI Patterns

Safer sex in Stockholm

2 May

Lafa (enheten för sexualitet och hälsa på Stockholms Läns Landsting) has recently released a new website called Säkrare sex (Safer sex). The site aims to promote safer sex practices among young Stockholmers.

You can read more about the site on Valtech labs – if you know Swedish 🙂 . I did usability on this project together with Josefin Nilsson.

By the way, Josefin has a great blog together with Terese Lindberg and Anna Svensson called useruser about usability and user experience (in Swedish).

Säkrare sex

Conscious decision making

20 Apr

When you create a new site/application a lot of conceptual or technical decisions are often being made in a short period of time. I think a lot can be gained from actively raising awareness about some of these decisions. The important ones.

I’ve recently been trying out a decision template, well basically a piece of paper where we write down:

  • what has been decided (one piece of paper for each decision)
  • why if necessary
  • when and where
  • who was involved in the decision-making. The template includes a checklist with all the project members.

In a workshop the other day we made two Big Decisions. Filling out the form made it very clear what had actually been decided and it made sure that everyone was involved in the decision-making process. And it took about a minute to do.

Hopefully this will help us to keep track of major decisions, facilitate informing absent project members about major decisions, avoid that someone snoozes through an important decision during a long meeting, make it apparent and transparent what words will actually result in an action that might be difficult or time-consuming to reverse.

How do you administrate your Big Decisions?

Using flying breadcrumbs

13 Apr

Today I needed to find a click-based navigational support for an information architecture that has infinite variations in depth and width. This dynamic structure calls for a very flexible solution that also won’t take up too much screen real estate.

I think a vital part to the solution of my problem may be fly out breadcrumbs – breadcrumbs with a sub menu.




I found a good collection of breadcrumb examples on Smashing Magazine.

Easy prototypes in Axure

11 Apr

There are a million ways of creating prototypes or wireframes for a website. How complex a prototype needs to be depends. Sometimes a quick sketch on a piece of paper is enough material to start building the idea “for real”. But sometimes we need something a lot more substantial to visualize a product. I often use Axure in those cases. I find that it’s a fast and easy tool to create interactive prototypes.*

Axure comes with a lot of default controls (e.g. tables, menus), but there are several libraries you can use. This is one of my favourites.

* Well, at least semi easy. It’s not entirely pain-free. For example, you need to remember to avoid å, ä, ö in your file names or you can’t always open the prototype on a mac.